Study in China

Why in China?
Why study in China?
Why Learn Chinese?

If you are interested in studying in China, then, English Bees is here to help you find a proper university and apply. Contact us!

Why study in China?

The number of international students studying in China has been mounting by approximately 20% annually since the reform and opening period began. International students come from a more diversified range of countries and regions and study in a more diversified number of hosting institutions, and more of them receive Chinese government scholarship than in any other year since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

In 2010:
International students studying in China – 265,090
Country range – 194 countries of the world
Education institutions involved – 620 colleges and universities, research institutions and other education institutions in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities
Chinese government scholarship to international students – 22,390 out of 265,090; 8.5% of total amount of international students
The top ten origin countries – Republic of Korea, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, India, Kazakhstan and Pakistan

China’s Ministry of Education (MOE) is making further efforts to optimize the environment for international students, improve management and to upgrade education quality, by adhering to the National Outline for Medium and Long Term Educational Reform and Development as well as the Study in China Plan, aiming at attracting 500,000 international students by 2020 so as to make China Asia’s biggest host country for international students.

China has over 1,000 higher educational institutions (HEIs) currently. Some universities, such as Beijing University and Tsinghua University, have already gained international reputations for their outstanding teaching and research facilities.

If you are interested in studying in China, then, English Bees is here to help you find a proper university and apply. Contact us!

Why Learn Chinese?

China has the largest population on earth and is fast moving towards gaining the number one spot in the consumer market sector. With more than a billion people speaking the language in Chinese mainland, native Chinese speakers not only live in Mainland China, but also Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and overseas Chinese communities all over the world.

Unlike most languages, Chinese has a unique ideographic writing system, which provides visual comprehensibility. The grammatical structure of Chinese is not only logical, but also pragmatic, related to the particular way of Chinese thinking.

International students choose to study Chinese language with the expectation of better employment opportunities in fields such as travel, news media, academics, diplomatic work, financial, trade, banking and a lot more. With China as an emerging economic superpower, understanding the Chinese language and the value acquired by speaking Chinese (Mandarin) is becoming increasingly important.

If you can master Chinese language and get satisfactory score from HSK examination, then, many scholarships (Chinese Government Scholarship, Chinese Provincial Scholarship, Chinese University Scholarship for Foreign Students and many more) are waiting for you!

If you are interested in studying in China, then, English Bees is here to help you find a proper university and apply. Contact us!

Chinese Universities
China currently has around 600 colleges and universities which are accredited to admit international students. It is not easy for a foreign applicant to make the right choice of university without any research. Browsing university rankings is one way to learn about universities’ reputations. In China, there are a number of rankings edited by different organizations, but Chinese people generally refer to ‘Project 211 and ‘Project 985’ instead of rankings, which were set up by the Chinese Government.

Project 211 and Project 985 universities are widely regarded to be the most prestigious in China.

Project 211 is a project which aims to strengthen approximately 100 key universities and colleges for the 21st century initiated in 1995 by China’s Ministry of Education. The figure of 21 and 1 within the name 211 are from the abbreviation of the 21st century and approximately 100 universities respectively. China now has more than 2,000 standard institutions of higher education, and about 6 percent of them are 211 Project institutions.

English Bees has cooperation agreement with all the listed universities and institutions below. They are all Project 211 Universities.

  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
  • Wuhan University
  • Central China Normal University
  • Huazhong Agricultural University
  • Zhongnan University

What will be my expected cost of the study and life in China?
I want to pursue Degree/non-degree program studies!

Expected cost of the study and life in China
Generally, the cost of studying in China is relatively low comparing to many other developing and developed countries. The following is a breakdown of expenses you will have to pay:

Pre-departure Expenses
After receiving the admission notice of the university, you may need to pay:
Medical examination Fee: The Chinese government requires foreign citizens who wish to study in China to pass a medical examination. You can choose to have the medical examination at your local hospital, for details please consult the local hospital. You can also have the medical examination after you arrive in China. Please be advised that the Chinese Embassy in your country may require applicants who study for over one semester to take a medical examination when you apply for a visa.
Visa fee: Different countries and regions have different visa fees; please consult your nearest Chinese Embassies and Chinese Consulates.
Airfare: Different countries and regions have different airfare; please ask your local airlines.
After-Arrival Expenses
After receiving the admission notice of the university, you may need to pay:
Tuition: 2000-4000 U.S. dollars a year (depending on the school, major and program)
Accommodation: 200-300 U.S. dollars a month (depending on the school and the city where the school is located)
Insurance: about 100 U.S. dollars (RMB 600) a year
Medical Examination Fee: (if not already taken in home country): The cost of a medical examination in China depends on each city’s local health and epidemic prevention department. In Beijing, for example, the cost is around 100 U.S. dollars.

Additionally, you have to consider paying following fees:

English Bees Processing Fee: 30 U.S. dollars
University Application Fee: 60-120 U.S. dollars depending on the program
Note: Both the Application Fee and the English Bees Processing Fee are non-refundable.

Living Cost
The cost of living in China is relatively low; the general cost of living in big cities is roughly 200-500 dollars a month, while living in a small city is usually lower than 200 USD a month. An average meal costs around 10-35RMB. The subway has a flat rate of 2RMB and buses within the city are even cheaper. Smaller cities and those in China’s central and western regions are particularly inexpensive.

If you are interested in studying in China, then, English Bees is here to help you find a proper university and apply. Contact us!

Find a Program
Mainly there are two types of programs: Degree and Non-Degree

Non-degree programs are divided into:
Chinese Language Programs (e.g. Regular Chinese programs, Intensive Chinese programs, Winter/Summer programs etc.)
Cultural Courses (e.g. Martial arts, Calligraphy, Tea appreciation, Chinese painting etc.)
Degree Programs include:  Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral. Students are awarded a Chinese degree upon successful completion of their studies.
Associate’s Degree
Associate’s degree programs last 2-3 years. Applicants must be high school graduates.
Bachelor’s Degree
Bachelor’s degree programs last 4-5 years. Applicants must be high school graduates.
Master’s Degree
Master’s degree programs last 2-3 years. Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree.
Doctoral Degree
Doctoral degree programs last 3-5 years. Applicants must hold a Master’s degree.

Application Process

  1. Decide on the university you would like to study in China from the list of “Chinese Universities”.
  2. Contact us through Skype, QQ, Mail-agent
  3. Start your application process with us
  4. Apply for your Chinese Visa
  5. Begin your studies in wonderful China

If you are interested in studying in China, then, English Bees is here to help you! Contact us!