All instructors

Kevin Peterson

Business and Economics

Teaching Business and Economics in the world’s most bustling economy is an amazing experience. Equipping Chinese students with contemporary business concepts, shaping them into young entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow has been the most rewarding challenge of my life.

Alice Koch

Kindergarten teacher

As a teacher of English Bees, my responsibility was to develop and foster the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimum development of children, according to age, ability, and aptitude.

Rebbeca Fines

English Language

Working with Chinese kids in the past 3 years has been a life-changing experience. Since moving from the UK to Shanghai, my life has been filled with great adventures, amazing people, and terrific job opportunities.

Peter Gates

English Language

During my years of teaching English, I’ve taught more than 1000 students. Devotion, motivation, knowledge, and integrity are values I instill in my students.

Sarah Thompson

English Language

I have been a teacher at English Bees for 3 years. I love working here as there is such a friendly atmosphere in all the schools I’ve worked so far.

James Hunt

TOEFL Instructor

I’ve been working with English Bees now for about 5 years. I like working here because of the friendly, family atmosphere.

Jenny Wallace

English Language

I first came to English Bees nearly 7 years ago. I enjoy working with my colleagues and sharing my expertise with the students.

Pedro Alvarez

Spanish and Italian Language

I’ve been teaching at English Bees since 2008. For me, it’s a home from home. I love meeting people from all over the world and indeed, the students are my window to the world