ESL for schools

ESL for schools

China offers excellent opportunities for those interested in teaching English in China. The English language market is growing fast in China, and many new positions are becoming available. China is emerging as a global financial force, and with English firmly established as the global language of commerce, improving English competency amongst China’s citizens is a major focus for the Chinese government.

Here at EnglishBees, we understand that the success of your school is closely tied to the success of the teachers you hire. In fact, we know that like no other, because we’re mainly teachers ourselves. We understand that you want only the best of English teachers in front of your students, as their teaching will shape your students’ experience.

Hiring English speaking teachers from overseas is a task that can be a headache: you have to assess a teacher’s capabilities from afar, over the phone, or over a static-filled VoIP call. You have to try get a feeling for a person you don’t know, from a culture and country you’re unfamiliar with. And all of that comes with a language barrier that also needs to be overcome.

You can relax: we know all these obstacles are in the way between you and hiring a great teacher. That’s why we’re here – we’ve placed over 2,000 teachers with overseas employers since we were founded achieving a contract completion rate of over 98%. We’re very proud of our track record and this is why many employers continue to choose EnglishBees when they hire English teachers.

We offer much more than just the recruitment of teachers. Everybody can look for candidates by dangling some carrots on sticks, but it takes a good recruiter to match the best teacher to the best school. We also want to make sure you get the best value for money and have the flexibility of choice. That’s why we’re the only ESL teacher recruiting agency that offers pre-screened teachers in one of three categories to best suit your need for hiring qualified teachers as well as managing your bottom line.

1. Trainers

Instructor level teachers come fully pre-screened by EnglishBees and are the most economical way of resolving your staffing needs. Instructors are people who have completed university and may have some experience teaching and may have obtained a TEFL/TESL certification. These engaged individuals are looking to gain teaching experience and have their sights set on your school to do so! Instructors are fully prepared by our team – they will have started on visa paperwork by the time we introduce them to you and know what to expect upon arrival.

2. Instructors

Teachers at the Educator level have a few advantages over their Instructor colleagues making them more valuable in the classroom, capable of carrying greater responsibility in your school both operationally and academically. Educators have an ESL teaching certification like TESL/TEFL, TESOL or even CELTA and may have 1 or 2 years experience.

3. Educators

Educators are the cream of the crop in ESL teachers. Not only does an educator level teacher have a relevant degree in English, Education, Linguistics or another field directly contributing to their teaching (Bachelor or Master), but also further qualifications like a TESL/TEFL certification of over 100 hours, a CELTA certification or more than a year of teaching experience. These are the teachers recruited by universities, adult teaching institutions or other providers of post-secondary and professional education.