Your chance to be a trending expert in IT industries and make a successful career after completion of our courses.


English bees is one of the world’s busiest public library systems, with over 10 million books, movies and other items to borrow.


Get professional education and reliable consultation by our team of certified teachers and instructors.


Upon successful completion receive a certificate showing your achievement for completing one of our rigorous classes.


Private 1 hour classes with a native speaking ESL teacher. All classes will be tailor-made to suit our student’s personal learning goal. If you would like to learn about a culture of a country we will supply you a teacher from that country. English culture classes are very popular and are mostly taken by people who have or will visit foreign countries. Our students believe that our culture classes help them in reducing the impact of culture shock when visiting a new country.

Our school is located in New World,Guanggu, Wuhan. It is here we provide Face to Face language learning classes with a native speaking ESL teacher. Our teachers will make full use of all the modern teaching aids and multimedia tools our classrooms are equipped with. All classes will be tailor-made to suit our student’s personal learning goal.

With today’s stressful and hectic lifestyle it can be hard to find time to take English classes. Over the years we have noticed that when students stop speaking English regularly their English level drops drastically. This course consists of 30x20min classes designed especially for the student. These classes are taught utilizing an on- line platform. (online classes). This course is to enable the student to sharpen their existing oral English skills and also at the same time improve their grammar and vocabulary. This course can also be used for students who are just beginning to learn English. We highly recommend this program for expanding student’s vocabulary in a limited time frame. It is proven that speaking English everyday is far more effective in a learning environment than speaking English every other day.

At our training centre our students can learn up to 8 languages all from fully qualified foreign native speakers. Unlike most schools or training centers we do not use non native speakers! This is guaranteed!!! The language classes on offer are English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian and French ( more language classes will be added at a later date). All classes can be tailor-made to suit your needs after a demo class and general oral test is completed.

Our school also offers an in house and out-call language teaching service (No extra charge for out-call service). This service is designed with International companies in mind who would like to improve their employee’s business English level and English culture level….whether for general English meetings or business trip purposes. The out-call service is only available to VIP companies.

In today’s modern and stressful society some parents have very little time to help their children with their homework after school.  This service offers homework assistance for children at the end of the school day thus relieving some of the daily stress of parents. There will be a Chinese tutor on hand at all time to address any questions your child may have. There will be a WeChat group made available to the parents for any questions you may have for our Study advisers. This service will be available 5 days a week from Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

At English Bees Learning Center we believe in a truly immersive educating cultural experience or ICE . We even started our very own ICE program. So that is why starting summer 2016 we will offer an International traveling student program to all our VVIP students. This program is a great way to learn English and western culture while traveling and having fun. Learn by doing!

Golf is a sport associated with wealth, status, privilege and power. That is why the majority of business deals are made on the golf course. At English Bees we offer golf classes, both in theory and practice. You will be taught by a P.G.A accredited golf instructor from England. He will teach you about the rules of golf, effective course management and etiquette (in-class teaching). For those students who which to learn about the golf swing and to better improve their game, practical classes at a golf driving range/course can also be arranged.

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Student’s trip to Ireland
Sticky Post
Student’s trip to Ireland

This trip will take place during the student’s summer vacation. The students should be aged between 16 to 21 years old. We recommend that all travel arrangements should be done through a travel agent in Wuhan so as to secure travel visa and all  other  information needed to travel. The students will stay with a […]

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Monthly activity
Monthly Activity

A monthly activity will be organized by the school. The goal of this monthly activity is to create a completely English speaking environment in China while having fun. The most important rule is no Chinese speaking allowed!!! This whole day the students will be accompanied with a foreign teacher and hey must communicate in English […]

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Language acquisition vs. language learning

There is an important distinction made by linguists between language acquisition and language learning. Children acquire language through a subconscious process during which they are unaware of grammatical rules. This is similar to the way they acquire their first language. They get a feel for what is and what isn’t correct. In order to acquire […]

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